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Ikea's grand old man comes home

After 40 years abroad, Ingvar Kamprad, founder of Swedish furniture giant Ikea has decided to move back to his roots in the province of Småland.

Bild: Arkivfoto: Jenny Leyman, 2012.
After his wife's death, he wants to be closer to family and friends in his old age.
Ingvar Kamprad left Sweden in 1973. The first move was to Denmark and later to Switzerland, where he lives today. But after his wife Margaret's death in late 2011, the longing to return to Sweden grew stronger:
– I'm moving back to Sweden to be closer to my family and my old friends. Since my dear wife Margaret died about a year and a half ago, I have few things keeping me in Switzerland, says Ingvar Kamprad in a comment to Sydsvenskan, conveyed through his spokesperson Per Heggenes.
Ingvar Kamprad will settle at his farm outside the city of Älmhult, says Heggenes.
– It is a natural step in the last phase of life. Sweden is also a place where you often meet within the family, says Per Heggenes.
With his move, expected to take place towards the end of the year, he will also start paying tax in Sweden again, an issue that has been hotly debated ever since the international relocation and transfer of Ikea to two foreign-based foundations.
– Ingvar will pay tax on his income, just like everyone else in Sweden. But his move has no other tax consequences, says Per Heggenes.
Mr Kamprads revenues are return on capital investments. He gets no return from his various board and counseling for companies in the Ikea realm, according Heggenes.
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