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Guide: 75 things that make Malmö unique

The city of Malmö, recently at the centre of an international debate on Swedish immigration, is a creative hub with a booming culture and foodie scene. Here are 75 things that make Sweden's third largest city unique.

1. The skateboarding scene

Malmö has the world's only skateboard high school, Bryggeriet, and the city is the first in the world to have hired a dedicated skateboard coordinator. It's also home to the internationally renowned Stapelbäddsparken skatepark, built by the city with input from the local skateboarding community. Another skatepark was built for last year's Vans Pro Skate Park World Championship Final in Kroksbäck. Other events are held at the annual Malmö festival and in Folkets Park.

2. Summer Scene Malmö

Bild: Patrick Persson
Throughout the summer, Summer Scene Malmö offers free cultural events across the city. Last year there were 170 events on 40 different scenes offering everything from concerts by international artists to children's theatre and crazy performance experiments.

3. Titti Qvarnström

Bild: Emmalisa Pauly
Two years ago Titti Qvarnström became the first Swedish female chef to earn a Michelin star. Known for her work at the Bloom in the Park restaurant in the Pildammsparken park, she is the author of an upcoming book on the city's burgeoning foodie scene.

4. Malmö Arab Film Festival and the other film festivals

Bild: Håkan Röjder
Europe's largest Arab Film Festival is held annually in Malmö. Launched in 2011, it focuses exclusively on the work of Arab filmmakers and organizes a separate film festival showcasing films about Arab women. It's one of several film festivals in the city, which include Swedens only national children's and youth film festival Buff, the Nordisk Panorama documentary festival, and the Ifema women's film festival.

5. Crime drama 'The Bridge'

Bild: Carolina Romare
For international TV viewers, Malmö is probably best known as one of the two cities featured in Nordic noir series "The Bridge", which is currently filming its fourth season. Sofia Hellin, the actress who plays detective Saga Norén, recently told London daily the Evening Standard that she does not believe Malmö is a dangerous place. Read what she said here.

6. Bella Malekian

Bild: Jenny Leyman
She began giving dance lessons as a teenager and started her own company at 15. Today Bella Malekian runs the Skåne region's largest dance academy, and last year she became the first person to win two prizes at the local business community's annual gala. At the moment her next goal is to start more dance academies around the region.

7. Massive Entertainment

Scene from Massives game "The Division".Bild: Massive
Game development studio Massive Entertainment last year launched the hugely successful "Tom Clancy's The Division" action game. In September last year the company revealed that the game had been the world's top seller in the year to date. It was also announced that Oscar-winning director Stephen Gaghan would turn the Malmö-made game into a film starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain. The company said in October that it was planning to move to Möllevången, an area popular with immigrants and students, where it has purchased a property covering an entire block. Only a few days ago it was revealed that Massives next project is an enormous one: making a game out of the "Avatar" movies.

8. Yalla Trappan

Bild: Linda Axelsson
This women's cooperative in Rosengård aims to integrate foreign-born women into the Swedish job market and is home to a café, a catering service, and a sewing atelier, among many other things. Since launching in 2010 it has worked with Ikea and published the book "The journey to Yalla", and today it is run without funding from the municipality. People from around the world have visited Yalla Trappan to learn about its success.

9. Rickard Söderberg

Bild: Tom Wall
Last year, Malmö-based opera singer Rickard Söderberg won the Nobel Prize in Love. Or at least that's what he himself called it when he was awarded the title "Homo of the year" at a gala organized by Swedish gay magazine QX. A multitasker, he has hosted a radio programme about opera and participated in the Swedish version of the UK's Strictly Come Dancing. In TV programme "Choir of the Streets" he invites people from a troubled or socially disadvantaged background to join a choir. For many people he is a symbol of love and tolerance in Malmö.

10. Sherlocked

The bar Apotheque.Bild: Peter Frennesson
In the area around St Gertrud, which dates back to the 16th century, a group of escape room enthusiasts have built their own little empire and have taken over more and more of the local neighbourhood. Groups of players are locked into a themed room and have to use clues to get out. Moriarty's room, the Hatmaker's room, Houdini, Jack the Ripper, Holmes vs Watson and Anna's House are some of the rooms that last autumn were joined by speakeasy cocktail bar Apotheque.

11. The Möllevången square

Bild: Pontus Tideman
One of the top symbols of Malmö as a multicultural city. By day it serves as the venue of a bustling fruit and vegetable market, while later in the day the focus shifts to the areas many restaurants. Don't forget to check out all of the shops around the square offering food from around the world, as well as the city's best-stocked cheese retailer. A good way to learn more about the shops is to take the Matkaravans guided tour that allows participants to taste their way through "Möllan's" specialist shops. The square also includes the Kaffebaren coffee shop, a meeting place for young creatives as well as people from other cultures.

12. The Moomsteatern theatre

Pierre Björkman in "Hamlätt" on Moomsteatern.Bild: Henrik Hedenius
One of the world's few theatres focusing on professional actors with an intellectual handicap. Since its launch in 1987 the theatre has sought to be a leader within its niche and has toured internationally.

13. The food innovators

Zeenath Hassan from Rude Food serving food.Bild: Hanna F.Ellborg
Malmö is home to Sweden's first catering company using surplus ingredients. Rude Food prepares its dishes from food that would otherwise have gone to waste. For those who prefer their takeaway food home-made, Wunderchef connects home-based cooks with hungry residents through an app. The company plans to expand into other Swedish cities this year. Gram is a grocery store selling package-free products by the gram, while award-winning food magazine Fool has opened a gallery featuring food-themed art. In the Sorgenfri district there are plans for a food incubator, Gro'Up, that will help people with their food-based ideas, and the Raw Food House café has been praised by Sweden's White Guide restaurant guide.

14. Kulturbolaget

Bild: Lars Brundin
Malmö's classic rock club, often known as just "KB", was last named the best in the country by Swedish daily Aftonbladet. Some of the world's biggest rock and pop legends have graced the stage of the club, which this year turns 35. And if you get tired of KB, clubs like Inkonst, Babel, Grand Food & Beer, Moriskan, Reto and Far i Hatten are only a stone's throw away.

15. The Sommarlov summer TV show

Alexander Hermansson, Malin Olsson and Angelika Prick lead the morning show "Sommarlov" last year.Bild: Karin Hartley
Summer in Malmö means that public broadcaster SVT moves its morning children's programme "Sommarlov" to Malmö's waterfront, turning its hosts Malin Olsson and Alex Hermansson into local celebrities.

16. Falafel

Bild: Sara Johari
The deep fried chickpea patties from the Middle East have become something of a symbol of Malmö in recent years. Three years ago Sydsvenskan launched a falafel blog to name Malmö's best falafel and crowned Orient House of Falafel no 1 in Österportsgatan as the winner. The restaurant has since closed but there are still plenty of falafel options to be had.

17. Historiskan

Eva Bonde.Bild: Julia Lindemalm
Two years ago, Eva Bonde and Jennie Lindholm launched Historiskan, a unique history magazine focusing exclusively on women in history. The founding duo wanted to broaden the writing of history by including information about women that had previously been left out of history books.

18. Lilith Performance Studio

Bild: Emma Larsson
The world's first dedicated production studio and arena for performance art can be found in Bragegatan. Projects have included an arts museum run by chlildren, but more than anything the venue is known for its thought-provoking productions. The Lilith Performance Studio plans to celebrate its tenth anniversary this year by staging six very unusual dinner parties.

19. Mouse restaurant Il Topolino

Bild: Lars Brundin
A miniscule mouse restaurant, Il Topolino, and an adjoining nut shop, Noix de Vie, appeared outside a kebab shop in Bergsgatan in December and soon caught the attention of the international media, including the BBC, the Huffington Post and US-based talkshow host James Corden. Unfortunately, the rhodent restaurant was vandalised at the end of the month and its creators have said they are working on a sequel.

20. The filmmakers

The director Goran Kapetanovic when he received a "guldbagge" earlier this year.Bild: Claudio Bresciani/TT
Directors Lars Troell and Bo Widerberg have received Oscar nominations for their work, while Lukas Moodysson has earned international praise for films including "Fucking Åmål". Recently Malmö-based director Goran Kapetanovic was named best director at Sweden's prestigious Guldbagge awards for his film "My Aunt in Sarajevo". Hannes Holm was nominated for an Oscar for his "A Man Called Ove". Documentary-maker Fredrik Gertten has made his mark internationally with "Bananas", "Bikes vs Cars" and "The Young Zlatan". The latter he made together with his brother, Magnus Gertten, who has also drawn international attention for his work. Other directors include Emelie Lindblom, Manal Masri, Malin Andersson, Manuel Concha, Stefan Berg, Jessica Nettelbladt, Joachim Hedén, Drazen Kuljanin and many others. At this years Guldbaggegalan the Malmö cinematographer Ita Zbroniec-Zajt became the first woman ever in Sweden to be awarded for best cinematography.

21. The Syrian restaurants

Shamiat.Bild: Emma Larsson
One of the effects of Syria's refugee crisis on Malmö has been its impact on the city's restaurant scene. Shamiat in the Möllevången area soon became one of the city's favourites, but was hit by a fire. Since then Damascus in Södervärn grabbed the spotlight. Other Syrian eateries include Tanoor, Jasmin Alsham and Ayam Dimashq. Shamiat recently opened a fast food outlet while it prepares to open a new restaurant in Södra Förstadsgatan.

22. Julie Chikane

Bild: Mårten Svemark
Together with her sister Janet this Rosengård native started a dance group, Bow Down, and dancing school the Bow Down Dance Academy. She has also performed at the Swedish equivalent of the Grammy Awards and at most of the country's major performance venues. At the Bow Down Academy she teaches hundreds of Malmö youths to street dance.

23. The 'På styret' cycling quiz

Olle Enqvist and Fredric Öslöf started "På styret".Bild: Lars Brundin
In one of Sweden's most popular TV game shows, "På spåret" ("On the track"), contestants have to guess the destination of a train based on video footage of the train's journey and clues given by the programme's host. The "På styret" ("On the handlebar") quiz nights use a similar format, but uses footage from bicycle journeys around Malmö to give the competition a local flavour.

24. Gallery night

Bild: Patrick Persson
In September it's 20 year since Malmö launched its annual "Gallery night", during which the local art community - ranging from tiny galleries to major institutions - opens its doors to its public. With around 40,000 visits made at the event's different locations, it is Sweden's largest gallery night.

25. The Conference

Caroline McCarthy from Google at The Conference in 2012.Bild: Jenny Leyman
In August each year some of the world's most knowledgeable people within digital development visit Malmö to speak at the Media Evolution centre's renowned The Conference event at Slagthuset. Many international guests enjoy it so much that they return and some have even considered relocating to the city. This year The Conference moves to the Malmö Opera and will have more of a cultural theme than in the past.

26. The Michelin restaurants

Karim Khouani from Sture together with The Vollmer brothers Mats and Ebbe.Bild: Jessica Gow/TT
Last week, Vollmers in Tegelgårdsgatan was named one out of three Swedish restaurants, and the first one in Malmö, to be awarded two stars in the Michelin Guide. The city is home to two other Michelin-starred eateries: Bloom in the Park and Sture. And Bastard, Namu and Cirkus at More Bistro each have a Bib Gourmand. Daniel Berlin, whose restaurant in the village of Skåne Tranås has one Michelin star, also lives in the Malmö.

27. The Blue Boat

Bild: Henrik Rosenqvist
Partying boat Prins Bernhard at Skeppskajen has just reopened, but it's the vessels on the other side of the water that are getting more attention in creative circles. Café boat Tintin serves different types of porridge for breakfast, and Blå Båten ("The Blue Boat") attracts well-known comedians and artists who want to perform their material on a smaller, more intimate stage.

28. The Spegeln cinema

Salong Bar Deco.Bild: ANNA WAHLGREN
This old, venerable cinema in the Stortorget square offers a wide range of activities in addition to its regular movie schedule, including musical sing along nights, film quizzes, podcast listening sessions, live opera performances from New York, and art exhibitions on the silver screen. Spegeln's custom designed Salong Bar Deco has been fitted out with 1920s interiors and and comes with a bar selling food and drinks during the screenings. Another art-house cinema, Panora, can be found in the Möllevången district, and is also home to what it bills as Sweden's first children's cinema, Juniora.

29. The cartoonists

Sara Granér.Bild: Ingemar D Kristiansen
Malmö is Sweden's epicentre for comics enthusiasts and has made made a name for itself internationally within the community. The Serieskolan academy trains new comics illustrators each year and helps nurture the city's talent pool. There are also courses available for children, high school students and at the city's university. The Swedish Comics Association, the Swedish Comics Archive , the Rum för Serier ("Room for Comics") and Hybriden galleries, festivals, publishers and illustrators like Liv Strömquist, Sara Granér, Coco Moodysson, Kim W Andersson, Lisa Ewald are also based in Malmö.

30. The Kyndelsmarknad Christmas market

Bild: Peter Frennesson
An event popularly known as "the Harry Potter market" became a surpise hit in December, drawing 6,000 people to the Holmgången alley just off the main pedestrian street. Magic wands, dried frogs and other elixirs were on sale at the magical christmas market organized by a group of LARPers (participants in a live action role-playing game).

31. The video game developers

"Little Nightmares".Bild: Tarsier Studios
In addition to major video game developer Massive Entertainment, numerous smaller developers are based in the city. One notch under Massive there are firms like King (which created the "Pet Rescue Saga" in Malmö) and Tarsier (which is about to launch the much anticipated "Little Nightmares"). The Midnight Hub was started by people from gaming companies Paradox and Mojang and is now working on its first game, "Lake Ridden". The Sleeping Machine creates game graphics from clay, cardboard, broccoli and pork chops. Simogo has won awards at the International Mobile Game Awards, the Apple Design Awards, and the Global Mobile Awards for its "Year Walk" and "Device 6" games. Mediocre, which had huge hits with "Smash Hit" and "PinOut" games. Add game developers like Divine Robot, Ozma, Illusion Labs, Planeto, the Nordic Game conference, incubator Minc Game and much more, and you have one of Europe's most vibrant gaming cities.

32. Malmö saluhall

Bild: Hussein El-alawi
Last autumn the Karyd siblings opened their dream project: a new indoor food market ("saluhall") in Malmö offering quality produce and innovative restaurants. Around lunch and on the weekend hungry Malmö residents flock to the market, which hosts outlets like ramen restaurant the Pink Head Project, pizzeria Hedvigsdal, fish restaurant Malmsten's fish, Italian-themed Papi, package-free retailer Gram, and many more.

33. Doc Lounge

Bild: Sandra Henningsson
This documentary film club, started in 2006, has now expanded across the Nordic region. the main club is in Malmö's Babel and shows a new documentary every week, often combined with discussions, music and special guests. Local productions ofter have their premiere at the Doc Lounge and some events are live-streamed to smaller Swedish towns.

34. Saiko

Pontus Johansson at Saiko.Bild: Albin Brönmark
A small restaurant just off the trendy St Knuts square that won the World Sushi Cup in Tokyo in 2013, offering innovative sushi concepts and Japanese tapas, known as japas. An express branch is set to open in the Slottsstaden neighbourhood.

35. Norra Grängesbergsgatan

The street festival NGBG.Bild: Tom wall
One of Malmö's most controversial streets has a long history of crime and other problems, but that is only one side of the story. The street is also a hub for creative types with rehearsal spaces for musicians, cultural associations, breweriers and properties used by artists. It is also home to members' rock club Plan B, which has plenty of international acts on its programme. Last summer, 5,000 revellers attended the new street festival NGBG that included live shows, clubs, street painting and food.

36. Dreamhack Masters

Ninjas in Pyjamas celebrating the victory in Dreamhack Masters 2016.Bild: Abraham Engelmark
Coming to Sweden for the first time, this international arena e-sports tournament was held in Malmö last year. The final took place in a packed Malmö Arena, where the Skåne-based Ninjas in Pyjamas won over their international elite rivals. The tournament will return to Malmö next autumn.

37. Tambourine Studios

Nina Persson from The Cardigans in Tambourine studios in 1994.Bild: Tomas Nyberg
Members of Malmö trio Eggstone founded recording studio Tambourine Studios in 1991 and since then it has been used by hundreds of bands, including some of Sweden's best-known artists, such as The Cardigans and Bob Hund, but also international names like Tom Jones and Saint Etienne. The nearby studio Gula studion have had visits from international artists like Suede, Franz Ferdinand and Martha Wainwright.

38. Davidshall's fashion quarter

Jakob Malmström and Robin Jarfjäll from Nuages Lourds.Bild: Patrik Renmark
Menswear brand Très Bien in Fersens väg has been named one of the world's best web shops and founders Björn Lindén, Jakob Törnberg, and Simon and Hannes Hogeman have been praised by the international fashion media. In recent years many smaller fashion boutiques have opened around the Davishallstorg square. These include Meadow, Sage, Liebling, Aplace, Nudie, Popolino, Ljunggren, Meloa, Gry, and soon also Nuages Lourds and Hatthyllan.

39. Theatre Day

Bild: Bonny Håkansson
Malmö's threatre community comes together once each year for Theatre Day. A 50 kronor badge gives participants access to every theatre venue in town for a day, ranging from the Malmö City Theatre to local neighbourhood venues. The event, which this year takes place on March 25, ends with the Theatre Night closing party.

40. The murals

Bild: Lars Brundin
Street art festical Artscape 2014 brought some colour to Malmö with the help of international and local artists who were invited to create art on a number of buildings. Many spectacular artworks remain and have been joined by new ones. Many of the murals can be seen here.

41. Feminist festival

Bild: Peter Frennesson
The Nordiskt Forum women's conference in 2014 drew thousands of participants but the city of Malmö also offers the Malmö Feminist Network's annual feminist festival, which offers seminars, workshops and performances.

42. The Victoria theatre

Bild: Patrick Persson
This classic venue has been a meeting place for Malmö's cultural community since opening in 1912. Originally a cinema, it now serves as a stage for a wide range of concerts and other types of performances. A wide group of regulars enjoy its so-called picnic performances - audience members bring their own food and drink - by artists from around the world. The current programme includes everything from Nigerian flute fusion, to American blues, to Argentinian tango, to Malmö pop music.

43. The Big Slap, Backyard Sessions and Intonal music festivals

Big SlapBild: Sandra Henningsson
One of Scandinavia's largest house music festivals, Big Slap, hosted Aviciis Nordic farewell concert in 2016 and will be held for the fifth time this year in the Pildammsparken park. The Intonal and Backyard Sessions festivals offer a decidedly less mainstream programme. The former will be held for the third time this year in April, while the latter is a former Sunday club that will turn into a two-day festival in Folkets Park in August. Backyard Sessions are planning a gender equal artist program.

44. Planned museums

This is what Magasin M1 is planned to look like.Bild: Erik Giudice Architects
Malmö is already home to the Malmö Art Museum, the Modern Museum, the Theatre Museum, the Chocolate Museum, the Sports Museum and much more, but there is even more in the pipeline. The city is preparing a bid for a new government-owned democracy and migration museum, and local politicians are calling for another art museum to make the city's art more accessible. Plans for a photography museum are underway, and the city is mulling opening a video game museum, drawing on interest in the city's booming video gaming scene. A centre for gaming enthusiasts is also planning to open the world's first e-sports museum.

45. The dessert maestros

Marie Skogström.Bild: Emma Larsson
Malmö's Jan Hedh, one of Sweden's leading pastry chefs, has received countless awards, written cookbooks, and is the founder of one of Sweden's most renowned cafés, Olof Viktors in the village of Glemmingebro. Marie Skogström and Joel Lindqvist have both won TV baking show "Dessertmästarna" ("The Dessert Masters"), and are now creating sweet masterpieces at Mat & Vin in the Slottsparken park, and Mat- & chokladstudion in Amiralsgatan, respectively.

46. The comedians

Petrina Solange at Under Jord.Bild: Emma Larsson
When comedian Lena Frisk started the Malmö Comedy Club in February 2000 she probably did not anticipate that the club, now simply known as Mack, would still be around in 2017. Held in Moriskan in Folkets Park, it now faces competition from several other clubs around the city. Alternative comedy club Oslipat was launched in 2006 and has expanded into other Swedish cities. More alternative comedy fare is served up by Under Jord at Nöjesteatern, Bit Ihop at Rex and Humorbaren at Sir Toby's. Quite a few of Swedens most wellknown comedians are also based in Malmö.

47. Swopshop

Jane Olsson.Bild: Jenny Leyman
Jane Olsson's shop in Själbogatan offers you to hand in your old clothes for an evaluation, and then pays you in "green hearts" that can be used to buy vintage clothing in the store. In 2015 she was given an award by Swedish consumer rights magazine Råd & Rön for her "innovative way of safeguarding consumer and environmental interests".

48. The 'Mitt Möllan' food court

Bild: Hussein El-Alawi
Once a dowdy local shopping centre, Mitt Möllan is an alternative mall with boutiques, a comics gallery, a video gaming centre and foodcourt including popular sandwich shop Scandwich, Vietnamese restaurant Lilla Vietnam, India-themed Masala Box, sourdough pizzeria Pizza Dal Sud, innovative ice cream parlour Köld which offers a range of unique flavours, and LoCali, which sells Hawaiian poke fish salad. Behind the scenes the mall also houses micro brewery Roots of Malmö which brews kombucha tea sold in restaurants in Malmö and Copenhagen.

49. Kulturstråket ('Culture street')

Malmö Museum.Bild: Johan Pihlemark
Many of Malmö's cultural institutions are now connected through a 4.5 kilometre cultural pathway from the central station to Folkets Park. The path starts at the newly built concert hall Malmö Live and passes the 80-year-old Malmö Art Museum and then the city library, the reputable Malmö Opera, the Malmö konsthall art gallery, the Mazetti cultural centre, the city archive, concert and clubbing venue Kulturbolaget, the Panora cinema, before ending in Folkets park.

50. The light festivals

Bild: Peter Frennesson
The "by: light" festivals have been held in Sorgenfri, Möllevången, the Slottsparken park and the Drottningtorget square, leaving several permanent lighting installations. Next year's "Metropolis By Light" project promises to make region a world leader within using modern light art in public spaces.

51. Nordic Street Food

Bild: Sonny Thoresen
Malmö's first food truck was launched by Pernilla Elmquist and Jens Almgren in 2015, and the two have been on a mission to get more mobile restaurants onto the city's streets. Last year, Nordic Street Food was named Sweden's best food truck, last autumn they opened an outlet inside the Malmö central station, and this spring they will be part of a food truck market opening in Folkets Park.

52. Good Malmö

David Polfeldt.Bild: Jenny Leyman
The chief executive of video game developer Massive Entertainment, David Polfeldt, is the founder of this business network which pledges to offer opportunities for people who have trouble entering the labour force. Each company employs one person for one year, with the aim of finding different types of skills and improving recruitment practices.

53. The Malmö Festival

Bild: Albin Brönmark
The city's 30-year-old festival has in recent years put a greater focus on gender equality, the environment, vegetarian food and art. But festival mainstays like the annual crayfish party in the Stortorget square and the many food stalls remain, as do the concerts on multiple stages in the city centre.

54. Feeling of going

Bild: Ingemar D Kristiansen
When Sigur Rós-singer Jonsi from Iceland released his album "Go" in 2010, he probably did not anticipate creating dancing history in Malmö. The creative leader of dance theatre Skånes Dansteater, Ben Wright, took the music and created the show "Feeling of Going" in 2013, putting vocalist Edda Magnason in a fairytale-style. The show became the theatre's biggest ever success and will return this autumn to Malmö Opera.

55. Folkets Park

Id al-fitr in Folkets park last summer.Bild: Emmalisa Pauly
The playgrounds, concert and clubbing venue Moriskan, the minigolf course, the Nöjesteatern theatre, the Far i Hatten restaurant, the indoor zoo, the children's scene, restaurant and bicycle shop Reto and the grass where young people sit during the summer months. Folkets park ("The People's Park") is truly the people's park. Later this year a new plaza, a food truck market, a cycling track and petanque courts are all set to open.

56. Saltimporten Canteen

Sebastian Persson at Saltimporten Canteen.Bild: Albin Brönmark
People from all over town flock the the Grimsby quay to eat lunch here. Sebastian Persson and Ola Rudin previously ran what was then Malmö's most acclaimed restaurant, Trio, but then decided that they wanted to work on a smaller scale. The result was a simple lunch in the harbour and every day the restaurant is filled with curious customers.

57. Malmö Art Academy

Bild: Peter Frennesson
Malmö Art Academy is ranked as one of top art academies in Europe. Every year this renowned insitution provides the city's art scene with fresh talent. Quite a few of them is seen on galleries throughout the city. An art gallery street is taking shape in Båstadsgatan, where CC, Johan Berggren Gallery and Molekyl Gallery are likely to be joined by yet another gallery shortly.

58. Crime City Rollers

Bild: Peter Frennesson
This roller derby team has been given an award by entertainment guide Nöjesguiden for the lively events held in connection with its matches. The Crime City Rollers are currently ranked the world's 13th best team, and this autumn they will arrange Europe's first international roller derby.

59. The 'Way to go' artwork

Bild: Emma Thörnkvist
The pedestrian street from the Gustav Adolfs Torg square to Triangeln passes the Davidshall Bridge where some of the city's most legendary entertainers are celebrated in Åsa Maria Bengtsson's artwork "Way to go", by replicating their shoes in bronze.

60. Potato Potato

Bild: Albin Brönmark
Feminist performing arts collective that has toured the Nordic region, now based in its own theatre in Rolfsgatan. When Crown Princess Victoria married Daniel Westling, the group staged the performance "The slightly cheaper, slightly inferior wedding", where 20 strangers married each other only to get a divorce right away. Malmö is also home to disparate theatre groups like Teatr Weimar, Teater Insite, Teaterrepubliken and until recently Teater Foratt.

61. The bumpy football field

This unique football field was designed by artist Johan Ferner Ström and inaugurated in 2009.

62. Malmö doll theatre

Bild: Malmö dockteater
Sweden's only doll theatre for adults, led by director Erik Holmström, can be found in Hasselgatan in Malmö.

63. Ribersborg's open-air bathhouse

Bild: Nelly Herzberg
Sweden's largest open-air bathhouse can be found on the Ribersborg beach (colloquially known as "Ribban"). A new operator is hoping to increase opening hours.

64. The record stores

Kenneth Ovesson at Folk å Rock.Bild: Pontus Tideman
Malmö has several record stores, it's with its own unique character. Musik & Konst in Spångatan is still going after 45 years, while Folk å Rock in Skomakaregatan celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Constantly evolving, the store hosts Americana evenings in a space where records were previously sold. In the Möllevången district, a former underground club was converted into Rundgång, which now has a small branch in downtown Malmö and a larger one in Växjö.

65. Form/Design Center

Form/Design CenterBild: Lars Brundin
Sweden's only design centre can be found in the Lilla Torg square, just across the street from the previously mentioned Folk å Rock record store. The centre has become a regional forum for design, shape and architecture.

66. The Cardigans and the other musicians

When the popular local restaurant Tempo closed last year The Cardigans turned up for a surprise gig.Bild: Patrick Persson
After their success of the nineties and the noughties, members of pop band The Cardigans have mostly remained in Malmö. After several years in New York, singer Nina Persson chose to return a couple of years ago and to once again become part of the local music scene. Another Swedish band that enjoyed international success, The Sounds, is also based in the city. Other Swedish bands and performers based in malmö include Wilmer X, This is Head, Eggstone, Håkan Hardenberger, members of Bob Hund, Alice Boman, the Malmö Symphony Orchestra, Tingsek, Rebstar and Mikael Wiehe.

67. The literary scene

In the end of March the city gets a new literary festival when Malmö litteraturfestival opens. At the same time the literary conference ReadMe is arranged. In Malmö we find wellknown writers such as Torbjörn Flygt, Marjaneh Bakhtiari, Kristian Lundberg, Athena Farrokhzad, Fredrik Ekelund, Leif Holmstrand, Anna Axfors, David Nyman, Gabriella Håkansson, Andreas Norman and many more. And publishers such as Vertigo, Kira and Rámus and the book shop and scene Östervärns antikvariat (antiquarian).

68. Quality Runners

Bild: Emil Langvad
Sweden's largest parkour centre opened a few weekg ago in Kopparbergsgatan. The freerunning enthusiasts of the Quality Runners group have spent four and a half years working on their own purpose-built facility.

69. The 'P3 Din Gata' radio station

Bild: Emma Larsson
Public broadcaster SR's youth-oriented channel P3 launched this station in 2006 to reflect "Sweden's youngest and most international major city" with an inimitable mix of southern Swedish accents and hiphop and R&B music.

70. Jakob Hellman

Bild: Emma Larsson
The songwriter from Lapland in the north hade a huge breakthrough in 1988 with the album ”… och stora havet” and the singles ”Vara vänner” and ”Hon har ett sätt”. The album has been voted the best Swedish album of all times. After the breakthrough he moved to Malmö, but has never released a second album, though it’s been lots of talk about it. Now it seems to be nearing in, after a period of recording at Tambourine Studios. In March he and the band Eggstone did a large concert night at Malmö Live with the Malmö symphony orchestra.

71. The unique playgrounds

About twenty of the city's playgrounds are based on different themes. In Pildammsparken, you find a playground built as a theatre and around town you find a fairytale playground, a fishing playground, a space playground, a musical playgorund, a spider playground, among others.

72. Peter Sunde and Flattr

One of the most internationally well known names in Malmö is the former spokesman for The Pirate Bay, Peter Sunde. In 2010 he started the social microdonation service Flattr, that help creators get paid for digital content.

73. Kontrapunkt

Bild: Lars Brundin
The cultural center Kontrapunkt is focused on the underground scene, but when thousands and thousands of migrants fled to Sweden in 2015, Kontrapunkt became a center for civilians who wanted to help. At Kontrapunkt migrants could find a bed, get practical assistance and food. More than 17 000 migrants were helped by Kontrapunkt in 2015.

74. Zlatan

The artwork "Zlatans smile" by the artist Björn Carnemalm.Bild: Johan Pihlemark
Malmö's biggest star in history has made his mark on the city. Zlatan Court is located in the Rosengård neighbourhood where he grew up, and the Zlatan's Smile artwork can be found in a pedestrian tunnel on the outskirts of the district. The upscale Clarion Malmö Live hotel has a special Zlatan suite, and there are countless artwork, songs, films and music videos made in the city that loves to celebrate Zlatan. When the star striker returned to Malmö to play for PSG against Malmö FF, a Zlatan night was held in the city's largest square.

75. Turning Torso

Bild: Albin Brönmark
In 2005 the highest skyscraper in Sweden was finished: the Turning Torso. Created by the architect Santiago Calatrava and 190 metres high, Turning Torso has become the landmark of Malmö.
What have we forgotten? Lots and lots! The list could be doubled and we may extend it in the future.
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