Engelska: We’re vaccinating half a million Scanians: What you need to know about phase 4

The fourth phase of vaccination is now commencing in Skåne. Since Monday 17 May, those of you aged 50 to 59 have been able to book a time for your first covid jab. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions:

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What is phase 4?

Vaccination of the largest and remaining population demographic: 470,000 Scanians aged 18 to 59 years.

How will I find out when I can book?

Everyone will receive a postcard from Region Skåne, to make sure they definitely receive the information.

But the region is also emphasising: “… that you don’t need to wait for this in order to book your vaccination time. When it’s your turn to book, this will clearly be shown on”

When can I start to book?

Those who are aged 50 to 59 are first in line. They can book at six locations where private providers are vaccinating: Malmö, Lund, Arlöv, Ängelholm, Klippan, and Kristianstad.

When will more vaccination locations be available?

Vaccination locations will open successively until the first week of June – at least one in every municipality of Skåne, and several in the larger cities. In total, people in phase four will be able to get their vaccinations at around sixty locations.



How do I book and when can I start checking for times?

On there is an information page about phase 4 and which private providers have a contract with Region Skåne. From there you can reach the booking system of the respective vaccine providers.

You can also book directly through the providers’ websites.

Bank-ID is not required there or on to be able to book.

Will we be divided into more age groups after the 50-59 group?

Yes, the next age group will be 40-49, and so on, descending in age. The first group, 50-59, covers about 150,000 people.

In August, the plan is for all adults in the region to have been able to get vaccinated.

How many Scanians are still to be vaccinated?

There are actually many more than 470,000 people in the region aged 18-59. But in phase 4, we are not counting medical and care staff, as well as those in risk groups, who have already been vaccinated. Also, vaccinations of phase 3 people (60-64) are still going on, as well as some phase 2. In total, about 600,000 people in Skåne are still to be vaccinated.

Why is there such a long time between the first and second jabs?

The first jab has proven to be effective after just two or three weeks. The second jab can wait a few months.


The appointment for dose 2 will be six weeks after the first. Book your first jab so that dose two doesn’t clash with travels or anything else.


Which vaccine will I receive?

85% of the vaccines delivered to Sweden in the coming weeks will be Pfizer. The remaining 15% will be Moderna, although these will primarily go to those who received a first dose of Moderna.

There will be no new deliveries from Astra Zeneca, but there are plenty of doses of it for everyone who will receive their dose 2. According to a statement from the region, “we are following the Public Health Agency’s recommendations, and have no plans to stop Astra.”

Will I be able to get the EU’s green certificate after just one jab?

Yes. You don’t even need to be vaccinated to receive the EU’s digital green certificate, which is due for launch in mid-June. The certificate won’t only contain vaccine dose information, but also previous covid infections and negative test results.

But what the information in the certificate qualifies the holder for can vary. Every country decides its own travel entry requirements. Whilst one country might require full vaccination, another might be happy with a fresh negative covid test result. It all depends on the level of infections in the country you are travelling from as well.


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